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Book Cover Design

I used a mind mapping technique to research ideas.

Part of the brief was to ‘establish the books as timeless fiction’.  As a solution to this, I made the connection with Art Nouveau and patterns from that period.

I felt excited at the new design emerging.  However, I was in danger of overworking the design and loosing the impact of the typography.  What had been successful in the beginning was the typography as the main element and now the patterns had started to interfere and take over. The titles are in themselves the design of the book so I took the patterns back to something more simple.

‘Tutti-Frutti – Veg’ artwork for stationery

I studied the colours and shapes of produce and placed them on paper in a contemporary pattern.  I made the decision to have no text to allow the imagination to feast on the fruit and vegetables.  The jug and saucepan add flavour to the feast!